Send message

Type a single message and send it as an email, mobile text message, tweet and/or twitter direct message.

Send SMS message, then email if no response

Send a message using SMS. Wait for a reply. If none, then send email message

SMS/email my location

Get my current location from my browser/device and send an SMS or email with a link to Google Map, showing my location.

SMS/email a map location

Share a location with a friend. This plan shows a map and ask you to specify a location. An SMS and/or email is sent with a link t... (more)

Approve my tweet!

Have someone check my tweet before it gets sent. SMS message sent to another person. That person must reply OK before the tweet is sent.

Messaging - Anonymous SMS

Type a message and send it as SMS message. Your phone number will not be shown. The receiver can reply and it will be forwarded to you.

Nest temperature triggers Dropcam picture

Get the temperature from my Nest thermostat. If threshold exceeded then take a Dropcam picture and email it to me.

Nest - set target temperature

Nest process to set the thermostat target temperature and email you if your Nest is online.

Sample TAP NOW Form

Enter info here and I will be notified immediately by text and email.

Sending a text message anonymously

Enter phone number and message to send text. The receiver will see your name, but not your phone number.

Random Inspirational Quotes Version 2

Random Inspirational Quotes Version III - Jackie

Sent to Jackie's cell number and my email

Health - Notify if critical

Check user stats and notify if a threshold is exceeded.

Random Inspirational Quotes Version V - Scott

Sent to Scott's cell number and my email

Random Gratitude Reminders Version I - Gratitude

Sent to Miranda's cell number and her email and robert's email for testing

Nest set temp on weather forecast

Set Nest from weather forecast. If the forecast temperature is exceeded, then set the thermostat target temperature. Email me when... (more)