Email TAPs


Get sports news

Check ESPN news feed for news matching my filter. Send matching news to my email.

Weather at a map location

Get weather at a location on a map

Send message

Type a single message and send it as an email, mobile text message, tweet and/or twitter direct message.

Send SMS message, then email if no response

Send a message using SMS. Wait for a reply. If none, then send email message

SMS/email my location

Get my current location from my browser/device and send an SMS or email with a link to Google Map, showing my location.

SMS/email a map location

Share a location with a friend. This plan shows a map and ask you to specify a location. An SMS and/or email is sent with a link t... (more)

Email me NBA news

Send me an email on NBA news I am interested in.

Email me camera pictures

Get camera pictures and email them to me.

Email me camera pictures if good weather

Get camera pictures and email them to me.

Email me my news

You select from a list of news sources. When executed, you enter a filter. All items from news sources that match the filter will ... (more)

Dropbox my pictures

Take pictures using Dropcam and put them in my Dropbox storage. Test Dropbox places.

Finance - Track Stock Quotes and News

Get financial market data from various sources and email to me.

Control my Hue and Dropcam

Coordinate control between Philips Hue smart bulb and Dropcam camera.

Magic 8 ball

Responds with an answer to any yes or no question.

Let me know when it rains

Long running plan to monitor precipitation every 5 minute and email me if it rains. Continues checking for 1 hour.

Email me Evercam pictures

Get Evercam-compatible camera pictures and email them to me.

Dropbox my Evercam pictures

Take pictures using Evercam and put them in my Dropbox storage.

Messaging - Email Wait Click Plan

Send an Email and wait for a time period for the user to click on the link. You will be emailed when the link is click.

Messaging - Email Wait Open Plan

Send an Email and wait for open before continuing.

Instagram - Email me if I get likes

Get my Instagram recent media and check how many likes I have. Email me if I get a lot.

Traffic report sets Hue color

Get the traffic report for the specified map area, then set the Hue color if delays.

Nest - get data

Simple Nest process to get thermostat data and email to me.

Nest temperature triggers Dropcam picture

Get the temperature from my Nest thermostat. If threshold exceeded then take a Dropcam picture and email it to me.

Nest - set target temperature

Nest process to set the thermostat target temperature and email you if your Nest is online.

Sample TAP NOW Form

Enter info here and I will be notified immediately by text and email.

Arduino - Nest

Get Nest thermostat data and turn red LED on if temperature is less than 70 degrees.

Roberts Love Roulette

How does Robert feel about me?

Finance - My Total Porfolio

Get stock value and calculate my total value.

Finance - GPRO Portfolio Value

Random Inspirational Quotes Version 2

Random Inspirational Quotes Version III - Jackie

Sent to Jackie's cell number and my email

Automatic - Notify when trip finished.

Send an email when an Automatic trip is completed.

Automatic - Get last trip data

Get trip info from Automatic

Automatic - Notify if trip in a defined map area

When trip is finished and see if it inside a map area, then notify me.

Automatic - Test trip states

Test Automatic event in location.

Automatic - Multiple trip states

Sample state machine model that processes Automatic events from different wait states.