About Tap In Systems

What are TAPs?

TAPs or “Thing In Action Plans” are process model applications that run in the cloud to provide a desired automated function.  Popular and pre-existing TAPS are shared, copied, configured, scheduled started and stopped with a smartphone or browser.  The advanced user can create and customize TAPS for specific Things using the a process editor on the TAP IN website.  TAPs can run on a 24x7 basis and can be easily turned on or off by the user using a browser or smartphone.  TAPs can be scheduled to run as often as desired and at specific times and on specific days.

What are Things?

Things are a list of web enabled devices, applications or services that are currently supported by the TAP IN system.  Each Thing has one or more Thing Integration Points (TIPs) available from functional API information that can be captured, monitored, combined and used to prompt a specific action within a given TAP.  Things and associated TIPs will be added to the service in priority order of user request and popularity. Each new Thing that is supported will expand the depth and breadth of the system's capability.

Community TAPs:

A list of public TAPs shared by TAP creators for easy copy, configuration, edit and use by anyone with a TAP IN account.  The TAP Store page will be categorized by general TAP functionality and eventually by TAP popularity and user rating.

My TAPs:

A list of TAPs that a user has copied for use into his or her TAP IN account.  My TAPs can be sorted by favorites and recently used TAPS.

My Account:

Where user specific account and Thing information is stored and managed.  A user must add, provide login or account information and activate each Thing that is utilized by TAPs that have been copied into the My TAPS list before the TAPs can be run successfully.

TAP Process Editor:

Allows users to create new TAPs or modify and edit existing and shared TAPs using an intuitive graphical process modeling approach that requires no programming.  One or more Thing and the information they contain (TIPs) are combined with simple “and”, “or” and “condition” logic to create useful and powerful Thing Action Plans.